Sunset Garden
TO WATCH THE SUNSET ONCE AGAIN is a two-channel video consisting of (1/left) a slideshow of sunset images gathered from Grindr Sunsets* (2019-2022), a publication and intervention where Kristoff interact with "sunset profiles" to understand what it means to be the sun; (2/right) an extract from Sunset Garden, a temporary congregation of long time friends and strangers over a reclaimed land at Laguna de Bay, that aims to reevaluate what it means to be in the periphery, to own one's body, to confront shame and desire at the same time, to transfigure, to trust, to forgive, to hope, to love, while watching the sunset. The bodies present in the video are Bascon, a young couple named "J" and "G" and a few bystanders. The audio embedded in the video was a recorded conversation of Kristoff and Bascon two months after the said congregation.

TO WATCH THE SUNSET ONCE AGAIN premiered last March 10 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines during the launch of Thirteen Artist Awards group exhibition. The exhibition will run until June 05. The film is best viewed on site.

•Grindr Sunsets is the first iteration of Sunset Garden